Preparation can help you transition to caregiving.
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving.
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving La preparación ayuda en la transición a ser cuidador de familia
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving              La preparación ayuda en la transición a ser cuidador de familia

Mission & Goals 

Our Mission


Our mission is to improve and maintain the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health of family caregivers so they may experience positive and healthy outcomes. 



Our Goals


Our program goals are to provide:


1) health education to address various aspects of health


2) bilingual resources to meet an array of caregiving needs


3) a relaxation zone with useful ideas to reduce stress


4) research to discover recent findings of experts


5) a support system to build a sense of community 



Symbolism of our Logo


The FAMA Center logo is a purple heart with a dove gently hovering inside.  The heart represents the caring nature and compassion of caregivers as they sacrifice for their loved ones.  The dove is a symbol of peace, a virtue that we hope fills the hearts and minds of each and every caregiver.  The color purple symbolizes dignity, uplifts us, calms the mind and nerves, offers a sense of spirituality and encourages creativity.  

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