Preparation can help you transition to caregiving.
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving.
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving La preparación ayuda en la transición a ser cuidador de familia
Preparation can help you transition to caregiving              La preparación ayuda en la transición a ser cuidador de familia


Welcome to our online bilingual center for family caregivers.  Our philosophy is that we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of our loved ones. This website helps people stay healthy through trustworthy websites and information.  


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is changing our world as we know it. It is frightening particularly because our personal choices and freedom to live the way we once lived have been removed. Emotions run high during crisis so we need to support each other and be helpful and kind.  It is critical that we listen to the advice of the CDC, the most trustworthy source of health information, in order to protect ourselves and reduce the risk of spreading the virus and becoming infected. We will survive but first, we all need to cooperate to stop the spread of the virus. Please listen to your local news and follow instructions.  Each state across the country and major cities have their own links with local instructions.  Every day, there are press conferences.  Lastly, if you know someone who is isolated or needs help, try to help and if you cannot help directly, help them connect with someone who can help. We are all in this together and we will pull through.  Stay positive. 


Follow this link for resources for coping with stress and anxiety duirng the pandemic News & Resources


Follow this link for various ways to stay healthy Useful Tips to Stay Healthy.


Follow this link below to stay updated with the latest information from the CDC Coronavirus 2019.


Our goal is to support you in improving your health. You are your own caregiver every day.  Caregivers sometimes face a great deal of stress and anxiety as they try to manage multiple responsibilities and this can impact your health.  We are committed to providing you with helpful tools through links to caregiver guides, health information, research, a blog and relaxation zones where you can find ways to feel calm, refreshed and energized. 


By 2030, all Baby Boomers will be 65 or older.  The Millenial generation is reaching high numbers and will become caregivers. It is vital that all of us prepare for our future. It is even more important that we address health issues that can face us at any given our community and in the world. We have added new resources Health Resources  to help you find assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, financial assistance and funding and other senior resources across the U.S. The right information will guide you to make good decisions. 


This website is dedicated to individuals who are devoted to their own health as they care for a loved one at home.  All families endure this very personal situation and it can be very rewarding, yet very demanding. This human experience can be planned, gradual or sudden.  Your time is valuable and there is so much to manage that support is often needed.  You are not alone in this journey and we are here to help. We hope you will find this website useful.

Thank you for visiting and please visit again!  


We wish you a healthy journey! 


Caregiver Defined

A family caregiver is a member of the family who provides unpaid care at home to an aging parent, child with a disability, disabled spouse or partner, or any other family member with a chronic illness or disability. Click here for useful tips to stay healthy.



Caregiver Facts

According to a report published by the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and the AARP Public Policy Institute, caregivers most commonly want information about keeping their loved one safe at home and about managing their own stress.  Click here to read the full report, Caregiving in the U.S. 2015.


Building Community

Writing about your experience is healing and sharing your story is a great way to support other caregivers.  When we read about other journeys, they remind us that we are not alone.   Email us a personal short story at for our Blog or write your story in your personal journal.

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